Express Yourself

Every Monday afternoon at work I get to go to the first aid room and express off my milk. I’m mainly hoping to maintain my supply on the only day that I am in the office all day. C is still very much breast focused and will make it known when I am supposed to be sitting and feeding! She has taken to jabbing me in the chest with her small but sharp finger and indicating precisely which one she would prefer! 

I actually really enjoy the hour or so that I spend in there. There is no phone signal no WiFi and (usually) no interruptions! I find I am almost more productive in there than when I am at my desk. I have a work laptop that I load up with whatever is outstanding and I either type one handed or have a bit of a balancing act going on so that I have both hands free! 

This week I was also collating documents for a meeting I was due in right after my expressing session so that was more of a two handed job but I managed! 

I always seem to get an ear worm when I am in there “Express yourself” has been the feature track for a while now! It’s now a bit of a running joke with my friend in the office! 

So to all the milky mamas out there “Express yourself” šŸ˜‰ much love Hayley 

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